Hy Ginsberg
(I have a lot more gray in my beard these days, but I like the picture... And I have since lost the hat, which I had for 30 years...)
email: hginsberg ("at" sign) worcester.edu
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Students not enrolled in a course or without Blackboard access can find my calculus videos on YouTube:


Worcester State University Math Department
I hope you will listen to my song "It Doesn't Look Good" (if you do not have a Spotify account, you can also hear it on YouTube, but will be tortured with an advertisement first -- apologies).
You can also find some acoustic covers, if you care to listen.
I am co-inventor of the game X-Tiles.
I have also published a cookbook: Bagels, Bialys, Pizza, and Pie.
Finally, for those who knew him, as well as those who did not have that pleasure, I include a tribute to my beloved nephew, Benjamin Rowe.