MA 200, Calculus I, Section 3
Worcester State University, Fall 2018
Topics on the first midterm
Topics on the second midterm
Topics on the final exam
Graphs and Other Good Stuff
The Limit Laws
Limit Laws Example
Precise Definition of a Limit
Proof of First Limit Law
Inverse Functions
The Tangent and the Arctangent
Horizontal Asymptote
Tallest Buildings in Worcester
Some Important Limits
Sine and Cosine
An Implicit Curve
More Implicit Curves
A Couple of Polynomials
The Mean Value Theorem
More Polynomials
Online Help
MIT Online Calculus Textbook (by Gilbert Strang)
MIT "Calculus Revisited" Video Lectures
The Khan Academy - instructional videos on calculus and lots of other things
Paul's Online Math Notes - scroll down to "Class Notes and Tutorials"
Online Calculus Problems